Embrace Your


Our Fitness & Aquatic Center is also open to the public.

Embrace Your Wellness

At Capitol Lakes, we believe the key to a healthy, balanced life is supporting all six dimensions of wellness—physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational. Our wellness program provides opportunities to enhance each of these dimensions.

Activities & Classes

No matter how you like to engage in exercise, you’ll find what you’re looking for at our Aquatic & Wellness Center. Our trained instructors offer a wide variety of both land- and water-based classes for all fitness levels.

The Aquatic & Wellness Center is conveniently located in downtown Madison and is accessible to those with disabilities. Parking is free for members.

First Class Fitness & Aquatics

At Capitol Lakes, we’re proud to offer a state-of-the-art Aquatic & Wellness Center, including an indoor lap pool, therapy pool and spa, as well as a multitude of fun classes and activities designed with wellness in mind.

Amenities & Features

Health-Related Services Including: