Capitol Lake’s pricing structure includes an Entrance Fee and a Monthly Fee. The Entrance Fee is a one-time fee that you pay when you first become a resident at Capitol Lakes. Your Entrance Fee is dependent on the size and style of the apartment you choose. We offer two Entrance Fee options—Traditional and 90% Refundable—offering more flexibility as you to plan for the future.

The Monthly Fee is the ongoing fee associated with residency at Capitol Lakes. The amount is dependent on the size and style of home you choose. As you move through the continuum of care at Capitol Lakes, your Monthly Fee may adjust accordingly.

Traditional Plan Entrance Fee Monthly Fee 
One Bedroom $108,300 - $244,300$3,281 - $5,236
Two Bedroom$244,300 - $387,300$5,113 - $7,581
Two-Bedroom Deluxe$360,300 - $513,400$7,105 - $9,157
90% Returnable Plan Entrance Fee Monthly Fee 
One Bedroom $207,100 - $444,800$3,281- $5,236
Two Bedroom $472,900 - $728,300$5,113 - $7,581
Two Bedroom Deluxe$696,900 - $963,600$7,105 - $9,157
Second PersonNo charge$1,055

Services Included in the Monthly Fee

Fees are based on square footage and subject to change.
This fee schedule is effective October 1, 2023.