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Odd Fellows Home of California

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows has a long history of serving others. This commitment to service is at the heart of the Odd Fellows’ philosophy and is expressed by its organizational motto: “Friendship, Love, and Truth.” The Odd Fellows Home of California, a nonprofit corporation, is the owner of two incredible Life Plan communities in the Bay Area—The Meadows of Napa Valley and Saratoga Retirement Community. These communities further the Order’s mission to serve others (senior or elderly), and we are honored to serve our members in their later years.

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Saratoga Retirement Community

Saratoga Retirement Community offers a retirement oasis to those who call its architecturally stunning, 37-acre campus home. Residents can choose from a wide variety of residences, including freestanding homes, and benefit from healthcare peace of mind. Revel in a hassle-free lifestyle, convenient care, a balmy Mediterranean climate, and an enviable location in the Silicon Valley. You’ll also enjoy an array of services and amenities, including a gleaming fitness and aquatic center, dozens of wellness classes, and a beautiful English Rose Garden.

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The Meadows of Napa Valley

The Meadows of Napa Valley offers resort-style living in one of the most coveted destination cities in the country. Whether you’re looking for a studio apartment or a two-bedroom deluxe, you’ll find it at The Meadows, along with easy access to everything you love about wine country. You’ll enjoy living with a long list of services and amenities at your fingertips, including a 6,000-square-foot fitness and aquatic center, three unique dining venues, and a continuum of care on-site, so no matter how your healthcare needs change over time, you’ll be taken care of.

Exclusive Benefits to Members

The Odd Fellows Home of California is proud to offer exclusive benefits to Odd Fellow and Rebekah members who choose to live in one of our beautiful Life Plan communities.

Financial Benefits

Any Odd Fellow or Rebekah who has been a member for 10 years or more will receive a 2% *monthly fee savings benefit for each year of membership, paid by the Odd Fellows Home Endowment Fund. For instance, a 30-year member would receive 60% off the monthly fee as shown in the example below:

30-Year Member Savings Benefit
Member Benefit (2% x # Years of Service) 2% x 30 = 60%

Monthly fee (varies by apartment)$3,900
Monthly fee savings benefit (60% x $3,900)-$2,340
Member-exclusive monthly fee$1,560
Annual savings$28,080

Qualifying member spouses—who have been in good standing for 10 years—will receive an additional 1% off the second-person monthly fee for every year of service. For example, a 30-year member spouse would receive 30% off the second-person fee as shown below:

30-Year Qualifying Spouse Savings Benefit
Member Benefit (1% x # Years of Service)

Second person fee (month to month)$1,007
Monthly fee savings benefit (30% x $1,007)-$302
Member-exclusive second-person fee$705
Annual savings$3,624

Another example: If a qualifying member has been in good standing for 20 years, and their member spouse has been in good standing for 10 years, then 50% of their monthly costs will be paid by the Endowment Fund (40% plus 10%).

Additionally, if a primary qualifying member and member spouse both have 50 years or more of service to the Order or have been a member for 50 years or more, they will receive 2% off the second-person fee for every year of service.

* Monthly fees are including but not limited to healthcare, meals, utilities, wellness programs, social activities, maintenance services, and much more.

The reflected annual savings are a representation only, and some restrictions may apply. To learn how these savings may be applied to your specific years of membership, please call: 408-753-9663

Additional Benefits

Member residents of either community will also receive items of assistance through programs provided by The Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly. For example, their “Adopt-a-Resident” program provides cards and gifts to commemorate member birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. For those members that wish to stay in their homes, the Home Board also offers an assistance program that will provide aid and is available to all members through an application process.

Odd Fellows and Rebekah Member Resident Testimonials

Both The Meadows and Saratoga provide a luxurious retirement experience that seamlessly blends together the values of friendship, love, and truth with community fellowship.  The chance to live among other like-minded members, and the endless opportunities to continue to serve others, make both communities a place where members will feel at home.

For more information about our IOOF communities, please contact:
The Meadows of Napa Valley Sales and Marketing Team
Roberta Godden
(707) 307-4904

Saratoga Retirement Community Sales and Marketing Team
Erin Farrell
(408) 741-7196

For more information on Odd Fellow & Rebekah benefits and restrictions, or to become a member, please email Grand Lodge of California at: or call: 408-753-9663.

The Meadows of Napa Valley and Saratoga Retirement Community have partnered with Pacific Retirement Services (PRS) since 1999 to provide long-term planning and management services. PRS, a not-for-profit corporation, provides housing and services to more than 5,000 seniors in six states.  For more information about PRS, please visit: Pacific Retirement Services