ASU Connections

Connect to University Life

When you live on the campus of ASU, you step into an immersive university environment that puts you at the heart of all the action. Forge intergenerational relationships, enjoy enriching cultural experiences, and elevate your continued-learning journey as you engage with the ASU community!

Discover the exciting benefits that come with being a resident of the Mirabella at ASU community:

  • Free Access to Most Sporting Events: revel in the excitement of college sports with complimentary access to most sporting events
  • ASU Student ID Card: seamlessly navigate the campus like any other student with your own ASU Suncard, unlocking various resources and facilities
  • Library Privileges: expand your knowledge with ease by utilizing the vast collection of books at all four libraries on campus as well as all eight libraries across the four metropolitan campuses
  • Unlimited Recreation Opportunities: dive into the world of fitness and leisure at the Mona Plummer Aquatics Complex and enjoy a discounted membership at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex
  • Academic Curiosity: stimulate your mind by auditing a catalog of more than 1,000 courses from diverse fields of study
    Intergenerational Community: mutually benefit from shared experiences and knowledge exchange while mentoring and guiding students
  • Engaging Lectures and Performances: attend inspiring weekly exclusive lectures, enjoy dynamic on-site performances by Mirabella’s Artists-in-Residence, and visit the historic ASU Gammage Auditorium
  • Guidance from the ASU Lifelong Engagement Team: explore a wealth of opportunities to connect with the university community with the help of a dedicated Mirabella at ASU support team
  • Technology Support: receive on-campus technology assistance from ASU representatives and access a 24/7 hotline for support

Pursue Lifelong Learning

Learning never stops, and there’s no better time to pursue your intellectual passions than retirement. A wide range of lectures and workshops are held daily and just steps away. At the invitation of ASU’s world-renowned faculty, collaborate on a variety of interdisciplinary research initiatives, conduct citizen science projects, or join classrooms as either guest learners or visiting instructors. Visit ASU libraries to utilize makerspaces; enjoy archival, rare, and distinctive collections; check out print materials or gain access to ASU’s digital materials.

Make an Impact Through Intergenerational Engagement

Studies have shown that bringing together younger and older adults benefits both groups, and that’s the concept at the core of Mirabella at ASU. Here, your experience, skills, and knowledge are respected, immensely valued, and needed—play a crucial role in supporting student success through mentorship, guidance, and providing essential assistance. Two exceptional examples of such intergenerational engagement and support are:

  • Dr. Tom Walton: learn how Dr. Walton advocates for and supports ASU students, becoming a vital part of their educational journey Read more
  • Dr. Richard Kramer: discover how Dr. Kramer makes a difference in the lives of ASU students, inspiring them to new heights.

Explore Your Passion for Art & Music

Four exceptional graduate students from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts School of Music are selected each year as Mirabella’s Artists-in-Residence. During this time, they reside at Mirabella in exchange for sharing their artistic talents in music, singing, and dancing through performances and interactive programming held throughout Mirabella. The community also houses 10,000 square feet of gallery and studio space, as well as an Art Walk where you can showcase your own art and creative design work alongside student artist exhibits. Mirabella Founding Members receive access to the world-class ASU Art Museum as well as Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts events, exclusive presale access to seats for Broadway shows at Gammage Auditorium, and a special group rate for the BEYOND fine arts series.

Embrace Personal Well-being

Providing intellectual, physical, and spiritual enrichment is critical to Mirabella’s commitment to your well-being. In addition to the health and fitness amenities at Mirabella, residents will have access to a variety of campus facilities, including the Olympic-size lap pool at the Mona Plummer Aquatics Complex and a wide array of recreational opportunities at the Sun Devil Fitness Complex. Develop your own evidence-based wellness practices based on insights from researchers in the Center for Innovation in Healthy & Resilient Aging, and the Center for Mindfulness, Compassion & Resilience.

Take an Active Role in Pioneering Research

Access groundbreaking technologies and take the opportunity to participate in fascinating research projects, such as this one learning about fall prevention conducted by Dr. Thurmon Lockhart in the Biomedical Engineering program. By contributing to university research, you’ll gain valuable insights into your own well-being and play a valuable role in helping to create innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Lindsey Beagley
Director of Lifelong University Engagement

Utilize a Dedicated ASU Support Team

You’re never alone on your learning journey at Mirabella at ASU! Director of Lifelong University Engagement, Lindsey Beagley, is passionate about connecting generations and is committed to providing you with the following support:

  • Course Selection: Lindsey and her team will assist you in choosing the perfect courses to nurture your interests and passions
  • Lecture Series Planning: enjoy curated lecture series on diverse topics, purposefully selected by the team for a truly enriching experience
  • Mentorship and Advocacy: whether you aspire to mentor or advocate for students, the team will support you every step of the way
  • Campus Site Tours: get to know the campus as your new community, with special introductions and connections to faculty and students