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Becoming a Learner Again

Part of being a lifelong learner is a willingness to journey from being the most experienced person in the room (often times a teacher or educator) to being a learner once again. This requires re-developing a “Beginner’s Mindset”

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Lindsey Beagley


Lindsey Beagley is the Director of Lifelong University Engagement for Mirabella at ASU and leads the vision for Mirabella’s full immersion into the ASU campus community. This includes designing new programs to promote intergenerational connections, purpose-driven engagement experiences, and lifelong learning.

Lindsey is a native Phoenician and lifelong Sun Devil having grown up around ASU’s campuses where her father has served on the faculty for the last 25 years. She earned a BA (Spanish), BS (Psychology) and a Master of Public Administration from ASU. As an undergraduate, she worked as a strategic research analyst for President Crow’s New American University model, and a decade later returned as a University Innovation Fellow experimenting with ways to blur the traditional bounds of the university and the community it serves.

In 2021, Lindsey was awarded Phoenix Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 award and is passionate about connecting generations and innovating the future of university-based retirement living.