End-Of-Year ASU Dance Celebration

July 28 2022

Throughout the year, Mirabella residents have had the opportunity to collaborate closely with the ASU Dance program with the help of Mirabella residents Ann and Beth.  Ann is a former ASU Professor of Dance and founder of Ludwig Dance Theatre, and Beth is a former Chair of the Dance Department at ASU. With their great faculty and student connections, and passion for dance, they orchestrated a variety of unique dance-related experiences for other residents to explore.

To commemorate the year in partnership between Mirabella and the dance program, Dr. Naomi Jackson, Professor of Dance for the School of Music, Dance and Theatre, asked Mirabella to host the ASU School of Dance End-of-Year celebration.

It was such an honor to be a part of celebrating this year’s ASU School of Dance graduates with an auditorium full of Mirabella residents.  Faculty spoke words of inspiration to the graduating students, applauded their achievements, and cited program accomplishments.  We even experienced “Tiny Dance” performances done by graduates on large boxes that elevated the dancers high above the seated audience members to fully enjoy the elegance of their creative practice.

One graduate student and eight undergraduate students were in attendance for the celebration.  Each student had an opportunity to address staff, faculty, and Mirabella residents about their experience at ASU and what their next steps will be.  You could feel their passion and energy as they took to the stage.  It was a privilege to host the spectacular event and forge intergenerational connections through a shared love of movement and dance!