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Engaging in Groundbreaking
Scholarly Research at ASU

Jan 28, 2022

There’s no shortage of interesting research to discover and take part in! Because of its location on campus, Mirabella at ASU residents can choose to participate in a wide range of groundbreaking research still in discovery and development phases—essential to research becoming sophisticated enough for mainstream markets. Mirabella residents have already been invited to participate in 16 different studies related to social robotics, wearable technology, fall prevention, nutrition supplementation, and exercise interventions to improve memory. 

MBA student and mirabella resident sitting at table with misty the robot

Social Robotics

PhD in engineering candidate Jordan Miller and Mirabella resident Denise Birmbaum show off Misty, a robot Jordan is using to complete her dissertation. Jordan is studying how social robotics can be used to reduce isolation and loneliness among older adults and their caregivers, particularly in cases of dementia. In total, 10 Mirabella residents participated in Jordan’s study. They interacted with Misty and reported the extent to which they felt it was a valuable and satisfying social interaction. Their feedback will help improve social robotics and advance the technology to be more sophisticated. One day it will move from the research and development stage and begin changing the day-to-day lives of people all over the world.

2 seniors standing in a lab with ASU engineer
mirabella resident and asu engineer

Fall Prevention

Mirabella residents participated in a fall prevention clinic through Dr. Thurmon Lockhart’s Fall Prevention Lab, with research taking place within ASU’s School of Biomedical Engineering. Residents not only contributed to important research, they left with valuable insight into their own gait and balance which may pose a risk for falling. 

Innovation continues to be a priority at ASU. With $673.4 million in spending, ASU ranks No. 6 against 755 other institutions without a medical school, even ahead of the California Institute of Technology and Carnegie Mellon University.

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