THE covid-19 pandemic

The Peninsula Regent is committed to protecting the health and well-being of our Members and Associates from COVID-19, while also providing the services, amenities and lifestyle that make our community so exceptional. In order to achieve these goals, we have the following safety protocols in place:

health & safety

Masks are worn at all times by all Associates, and by Members when outside of their home.

Social distancing of six feet is observed, with limited capacity enforced in common areas.

Common areas and high-touch surfaces cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Visitation to our campus is limited, with pre-screening protocols in place—please call our Front Desk at 650-579-5500 for current visitation guidelines.

the care & comfort of our members

Member wellness, social connection and quality of life remain our top priorities, so fitness classes, Member interest groups, and other social activities will be held virtually. Additionally, outdoor activities are encouraged, including walking and exploring areas on- and off-campus in a safe manner.

Meal delivery service is in place, allowing Members to enjoy the full breadth of options available to them in the comfort of their homes.

Housekeeping services remain flexible, allowing Members to use them based on their comfort level.

testing & vaccinating

The availability of COVID-19 testing is critical to stopping the spread of the virus. We offer on-site testing for Members in certain circumstances and depending on availability. We also coordinate off-campus testing in the local area for all Members as needed or requested.

As the rollout of vaccines continue, The Peninsula Regent will be in constant communication with local health authorities to ensure timely inoculations for our Members and Associates.