Our Approach

At Rogue Valley Manor, we consider dining one of the key factors of overall wellness, and locally sourced ingredients are a big part of our dining program. Not only do we emphasize healthy options, we pack our menus with seasonal variety so you have ample opportunity to try new things and avoid a culinary rut of the same dishes month after month. Fortunately, with Southern Oregon’s abundance of farmers markets and local vendors, we have plenty to choose from. From favorite staples like soups and salads to signature burgers, teriyaki bowls and more, our menus have something for everyone. We know amazing food is one of life’s great pleasures, and we look forward to bringing you creative, nutritious, delicious meals day after day in each of our on-site restaurants.

Healthy Options

Our menus are centered on the nutrition and balance that come from a rich assortment of healthy foods. And we’re here to make sure that there are plenty of such foods available to you. By taking advantage of readily available local ingredients, we are able to craft delicious dishes for a variety of dietary restrictions:

For those times when all you want is a juicy steak, or maybe a generous slice of pie, we can do that as well—with the finest ingredients available to us.


Quail's Nest Bistro

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, The Quail’s Nest Bistro is where you’ll find a wide selection of fresh, tasty items to take with you on the go or enjoy with friends inside. The modern but friendly atmosphere is most inviting should you want to stay awhile. Choose from readily available items in the cold case or made-to-order menu options.

Main Manor Dining Room

Enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Rogue Valley while enjoying fresh, delectable fare. From seasonal fruit and vegetables to succulent meats, side dishes, and desserts, for a practically endless assortment of delicious options. No wonder this venue has become a resident favorite!

Private Dining Room

Have a special occasion coming up, such as a birthday or holiday party? Host it in our private dining room, available for residents to reserve, along with our in-house catering services. Our catering team will work with you to plan the perfect menu, and our professional staff will serve you and your guests during the event. It’s just one more way we can make your life a little easier.

Arden Fine Dining

Arden is our newest venue for meals— a place to celebrate dining at its finest and most sophisticated. Opening soon as a newly remodeled stylish restaurant in the Skyline Plaza, enjoy the feeling of a “night-out on the town” without ever leaving campus. With decadent food, choice beverages, and a friendly staff to serve, this will be the loveliest way to share a meal with guests and friends.