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Rogue Valley Manor’s pricing structure includes an Entrance Fee and a Monthly Fee. The Entrance Fee is a one-time fee that you pay when you first become a resident at Rogue Valley Manor. Your Entrance Fee is dependent on the size and style of the apartment or cottage you choose. We offer two Entrance Fee options—Traditional and 90% Refundable—offering more flexibility as you to plan for the future.

The Monthly Fee is the ongoing fee associated with residency at Rogue Valley Manor. The amount is dependent on the size and style of home you choose. As you move through the continuum of care at the Manor, your Monthly Fee may adjust accordingly.

The Monthly Fee includes all of the following services:

Manor, Terrace & Skyline ResidencesTraditional Entrance Fee 90% Refundable Entrance Fee Monthly Fee 
Studio $68,300$136,500$3,226
One-Bedroom $78,800 - $276,200$157,500 - $552,300$3,567 - $6,380
Two-Bedroom$200,600 - $449,900$401,100 - $810,000$4,910 - $7,346
Three-Bedroom  $393,700 - $420,700$708,400 - $757,100$6,536 - $6,541
Cottage ResidencesTraditional Entrance Fee 90% Refundable Entrance Fee Monthly Fee 
Studio (Alcove)$125,800 - $142,500$213,700 - $242,600$3,728
One-Bedroom $210,400 - $256,500$357,300 - $436,100$4,467 - $4,511
Two-Bedroom $296,100 - $539,900$503,100- $917,600$4,924 - $5,156
Three-Bedroom $416,300 - $594,700$707,900 - $1 million +$5,605
Second PersonNo chargeNo charge$660 - $2,453
Financial Benefits of the Continuing Care Contract The Entrance Fee and Monthly Fee function together to provide you with lifetime use of your apartment or cottage and access to our continuum of care, with healthcare fees discounted from current market rates if you ever need Home Care, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing Care.

The fees above are effective October 1, 2023. All fees are subject to change.
In addition to the residence styles above, stand-alone homes may be available at Rogue Valley Manor. Please contact your Sales Counselor for information on availability and pricing.
Should your healthcare needs change over time, your Residence and Care Agreement also provides you with access to the healthcare services at the discounted rates listed on the other side.