Comprehensive Wellness Program

We believe the key to a healthy, balanced life is supporting all six dimensions of wellness—physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational. That’s why we’ve established a wellness program that provides opportunities to enhance each of these dimensions.

  • Our active events calendar and frequent community events help bolster social wellness.
  • Our first-rate Fitness & Aquatic Center and numerous exercise classes, such as aqua-aerobics and tai chi, along with other spa-style amenities, help you maintain physical wellness.
  • Our vast array of hobby and discussion groups help promote vocational and intellectual wellness.
  • Though spiritual and emotional wellness are more personal, we also provide services and amenities that can help, such as meditation classes or beautiful outdoor spaces through which to walk and reflect.
senior couple doing yoga

Aquatic Program

Our saline indoor pool and spa are places residents love spending time, whether they are swimming laps, taking an aqua-aerobics class, or relaxing in the warmth of the bubbling spa.

Swimming is beneficial to everyone, but those who have arthritis or are recovering from an injury or surgery can reap even greater rewards from this gentle exercise. Both the pool and spa have graduated stairs for easy entry and exit. There is also a specially designed transport system for residents who cannot walk into the pool on their own. Residents find this useful when they are recovering from a hip or knee surgery; they can be gently lowered into the pool to do their water-based physical therapy and then be gently lifted out.

First-Class Fitness

Our on-site Fitness Center offers specially designed exercise equipment and classes for all ability levels. Features include:

  • Strength-training equipment designed for seniors
  • Stationary exercise bicycles
  • Treadmills
  • Free weights and resistance bands
  • Stability balls and other balance enhancers

Activities & Classes

On-site lectures, book clubs, exercise classes, outdoor recreation—no matter what your passion is, chances are, you’ll find an outlet for it at SRC. The question will not be how you will fill your time here but rather when you will find time to rest before the next event. Below you’ll find a sampling of just a few of the classes we offer:

Tai Chi – A traditional form of exercise that helps the mind and body work in concert. It’s also excellent for improving balance.

Stretch and Flex – A gentle, fun workout meant to increase flexibility, mobility, and strength.

Aqua Fitness – A low impact workout done in the water; great for improving core strength.

Aqua Yoga – The movements of yoga adapted to the water environment can help those with joint pain improve their strength and flexibility.

Taiko Drumming – Residents get an aerobic workout using Taiko-like drums while learning music patterns to improve coordination. Invigorating and fun!

Walkers’ Group – This group heads out to the nearby hillsides and covers two to six miles, depending on the particular hike.

Circuit Training – Enjoy a full body workout with this guided course through our specially designed weights circuit.

Guided Meditation – Gain the benefits of a calm mind, better clarity and relaxation of the mind and body.