Pursuing Passion and Purpose in Fort Worth's Premier Senior Living Community, Trinity Terrace

Trinity Terrace gives residents a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment where invaluable friendships are born, and memories are made. Life doesn’t stop when residents move into the community, it just begins. Experiencing true happiness in a lifetime can be attained by self-awareness and channeling talents in an impactful way to enrich one’s life as well as the lives of others. The Harvard Business Review reports many aging adults fall short in their pursuits of passion because they simply don’t know how to, leaving them with feelings of emptiness and depression. Approximately 42.6 million older adults experience loneliness and isolation, which in turn impacts their health in a negative way. The solution to filling the void can be found at Trinity Terrace. Trinity Terrace sets the standard for excellence in cultivating an environment for residents to pursue their passions and continue having a profound purpose in life by helping residents understand three essential elements of passion:

  1. Passion is not found, it is developed.
  2. Pursuing passions can be challenging yet rewarding.
  3. Recognize limits to stay focused.

Passion Is Not Found, It Is Developed

Residents aren’t just living life at Trinity Terrace; they’re fulfilling it through shared passions that reach well beyond the pristine walls of their alluring community and into the lives of a younger generation. While participating in woodworking, one of the countless activities available at Trinity Terrace, three residents, Donald Martin, Skipper Gray, and Warner Bailey, turned their time of self-enrichment and companionship into a journey of carefully hand crafting wooden cars for local children receiving medical treatment. Each month, these incredible volunteers pour their hearts into meticulously preparing the perfect wooden cars for the young patients receiving treatment at Cook Children’s Hospital, with the hope of not only helping the children take their mind off their stay, but also passing the torch along to develop their own passion and purpose in life. Once the wooden cars have been delivered, the children then take the final step in completing this multi-generational project by painting them. According to the Journal of Epidemiology, findings suggest that having hobbies and purpose in life may extend longevity in addition to a healthy life expectancy among older adults living in communities. Since their efforts began, the Tinkers volunteers have surpassed their original goal of making 1000 cars and have now donated more than 2000 cars to the grateful patients. The tinkers continue to develop their passions, all while enriching the Fort Worth community with their altruistic efforts. “I was down here working on one of my wood projects, when Donald and Skipper asked me if I wanted to help them make some cars and now I’m the final part of the assembly line we have. We’ve even changed up the design of the cars to something simple so we can produce more!” explains resident Warner Bailey.

Pursuing Passions Can Be Challenging, Yet Rewarding

The pursuit of passion is an ongoing-and challenging-process that produces resilience. The Association for Psychological Science published a study concluding excitement levels diminish over time and pursuits are lost once difficulties arise. This problem leaves older adults less likely to explore new sources of passion when it is believed to be unmoving. To counter these difficulties, Trinity Terrace offers a multitude of programs encouraging growth, reviving old past times, and inspiring new pursuits. Residents can enjoy listening to the memoirs of their peers during Thursday’s 4:00 pm social hour, express themselves in creative art sessions, or take part in the production of the yearly Foundation Gala with other residents.

 Each year, the community comes together to produce a gala benefitting the Trinity Terrace Foundation. Through the foundation, residents and dedicated staff are assured the peace of mind to pursue their passions with financial support and resources for special projects and innovative ideas. Contributing to the foundation gives purpose and leaves a legacy for the future of the community.

Passion combined with perseverance are key components to staying focused. According to a study published in Science Direct, increased commitment could be achieved when passions were expressed appropriately among like­minded individuals. By supporting the personal needs of residents, expert fitness instructor, Robin Williamson, empowers residents to achieve greatness. Her deep understanding of each unique individual ensures they stay on track without going beyond their limits.” To me wellness encompasses health of the physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual. At times our health is out of our control, such as having our eyesight decrease as we age or being emotionally spent because of trying circumstances,” says Williamson. “Since being in perfect health is impossible, I don’t believe it should be our goal, but to make choices each day that fall in line with perfect health is admirable and doable with allowances for slip ups along the way. Grace is an important part of the equation which allows getting back on track more appealing.” 

Recognize Limits To Stay Focused

exercising in the gym

Throughout her 10 years of teaching at Trinity Terrace, Robin has been an exemplary leader in self-awareness with a pledge to positively affect those around her and is one of many talented team members available to guide residents in the right direction.

How Trinity Terrace Empowers The Pursuit of Passion and Purpose

Empowering residents of Trinity Terrace extends past its remarkable staff and exceptional programs. Residents can enjoy living in a worry-free environment filled with first-class services and top-quality comforts, where they are enabled with the proper tools necessary to fulfill their pursuits of passion. Many of the residents compare life at Trinity Terrace to a vacation on a cruise ship, with their every need being taken care of so they can focus on what matters most to them. Carefree living is made easy with time saving conveniences like having on-site hair salons, banking, housekeeping, maintenance, transportation services and so much more! “It’s wonderful! It’s like living on a cruise ship with all the amenities and having somebody to wait on you all the time. The staff has been outstanding!” gushes Barbara Bledsoe. Some residents state, “Living at Trinity Terrace has so many advantages, what’s not to love! We compare it to a cruise ship except this one doesn’t leave the dock. You can do as little as you want to or as much as you want to, be as involved as you want to or not, and that’s what we love about it.”

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